Comics picks of the Week for delivery 10/30/13

Man this week is another good one. I really do love Wednesdays. Each week hundreds of new books come out and we try to pick the ones we think will be hot or increase in value.

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SOLD OUT New #1 and #2 Comics for October 30 2013 Release Week

SOLD OUT New #1 and #2 Comics for October 30 2013 Release Week
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Back Issue Talk Scam #1 from Comixtribe

There has been quite a bit of talk about Comixtribe’s Scam #1 by Joe Mulvey in the comment section, so I wanted to Spotlight the book a bit and set people on the hunt. There are two versions of #1, a self published version with a print run of 777 copies and a Diamond Released version with a higher print run. To complicate the matter more, the original print run of 777 is divided among variants. Two things cause books to shoot up in value, rarity and demand. This book has rarity as most of the variants are limited to 100 copies and the total print run is 777.

Thanks to guinsfan68 for the link to Scam #1 1st edition (not Diamond edition) Collector’s Paradise edition for $9.99 limited to 50 copies.

Thanks to UKpondside for the pics. Final pic is mine with a picture of the notice inside front cover.









So yes Prophecy, mine is the first print not the Diamond release.

Velvet #1 from Image Comics sells out and print run

Just like yesterday’s Pretty Deadly, another anticipated Image Comics book sold out on its street date. Velvet #1 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting has sold out. Brubaker and Epting are the team that brought Marvel the fantastic Winter Soldier story line in Captain America which will be featured in the next movie.
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Pretty Deadly #1 signed variant and Five Ghost #6 signed variant

Just wanted to take a quick second to thank everyone who preordered Pretty Deadly #1 signed and Unsigned Third Eye Variant as well as the Five Ghosts #6 signed and unsigned Variants. I got all the preorders in as well as overstock for those who are still thinking about getting a copy. The signing is this Saturday for both books and they will ship Monday. If you are interested email for details.


Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm

Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm

Wow, imagine Lone Wolf and Cub meets John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing.’ I just read the teaser, which will be only up for one week and it looks fantastic. I love Justin Jordan’s ‘Luther Strode’ and have read his other books, but this new horror series looks fantastic. The promo was available at NYCC and only 250 copies were available. No copies appeared on eBay and a search on Google turned up nothing. This could be one of those books that heats up and everyone is looking for.  

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