Top 200 Hottest Comic Titles and recent Back Issues during LATE JUNE 2014

Bi-weekly column and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of –
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This list is updated every 2 weeks. This list is compiled from my non-stop research of the current market. I believe these were the most demand and growing in value books this month. This list focuses on all regular edition covers. (Variants are not listed otherwise they would likely dominate the entire list due to instant high prices and calculated small print runs). If you think I have missed any hot MODERN titles/issues please let me know. Here are my picks of what I believe are the hottest comics at this very moment from all sold out releases of MODERN comics online based on back issue sales ABOVE cover price.
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Adventures of Superman #14 Jock cover to not be restocked

This has been confirmed by a couple of on-line retailers, but Adventures of Superman #14 will not be restocked.
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Enormous #1 Did you get it?

The hit, big winner of the week was Enormous, were you able to secure a copy? A lot of people have said they have not seen it in shops. The print run on this one will be minuscule (the opposite of enormous).
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SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for July 2 2014

Article by comic book historian Terry Hoknes of –
This column is here to help promote every new comic book series debuting this week.
Pictured are the 3 new series that are selling out the fastest at Diamond !
This weekly article shows how popular the titles are and how close they are to selling out at Diamond.
This will give retailers and collectors a heads up with a reminder of books you want to make sure you get immediately!!
Sometimes books don’t sell out immediately so its worth taking a look back at series that came out in the past few months !
Comics can sell out very quickly so some titles on this list will be more valuable instantly the day of release !
Keep in mind that with 1500 comic stores if even just 20% of stores re-ordered just 1 copy each that would be 300 more copies sold instantly so a book can easily sell out within minutes if the book gets some buzz and/or good response from readers!
So many comics on the list that still have copies left are going to eventually all sell out.
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Larry's Comics Pick of the Week for delivery date 7/2/14

Where the hell would be the fun of picking Figment #2, Deadpool vs X-Force #1, or the Image title du jour?
Too Easy.
This week there are a TON of “Right under your nose picks”
Too boring. I’m Larry Doherty, a bold maverick. It’s my job to scour previews for stuff other retailers will miss; purchase accordingly. I look under every rock.
I’ll be more daring:
My speculator-y pick of the week:
(W)  Tim Daniel (A/CA) Mehdi Cheggour
In the midst of a planetary crisis for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm has spawned “The Enormous,” massive beasts unlike anything ever encountered. Humanity struggles to stave off extinction. The original one-shot graphic novel returns in an ongoing series as the companion to the new live-action web series from Machinima!
Why? It HAS to have a microscopic print run. ( See how many shops have this on their shelves)
The artwork & production values are jaw dropping.
It’s the first NORMAL size appearance of the property. In 2013 Image released an oversized one shot. ( not a bad buy ) It’s my experience that collectors tend to shy away from odd size material.
This book WILL sellout at the distributor level.
This book will appeal to Giant Monster ( Godzilla fans)
Main reason for a spec play:
The book ties into a Web series that will surely bring some new faces to the direct market.

Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/2/14

Summer always means crazy release schedules. This summer has had a couple of big weeks back to back. This week is another one. Each week hundreds of new books are released, we pick the ones we think have the best shot of heating up. Here is this weeks: Continue reading “Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/2/14”

Hoknes Comics Hot New Comics for delivery 7/2/14

Each week Terry Hoknes of releases a video spotlighting the hot new comics of the week. Here is this weeks for delivery 7/2/14: Continue reading “Hoknes Comics Hot New Comics for delivery 7/2/14”

A look ahead to Wednesday 7/2/14

Summer is well under way, and this has been a comic book speculator’s summer. Comics are shooting up in value the day they come out, reminds me of two years ago. Books are selling out before they hit the stands. Here is a quick look at some of the books you should be looking at for delivery 7/2/14
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Dr Who SDCC Variant flip idea

Last one for the night I promise. Two more flipable pre-orderable books coming out of San Diego Comic Con. These are for Dr. Who books from IDW. This show has a huge fan base and could be easy sells. Continue reading “Dr Who SDCC Variant flip idea”

Spider-Man 2099 SDCC flip idea

Here we go again, if you want in act quickly, as these pre-orders sell out quickly. Spider-man 2099 #1 SDCC Variant available for pre-order without having to pay for airfare and hotel in San Diego. Continue reading “Spider-Man 2099 SDCC flip idea”

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