Market Watch ‘Chronos Commandos’

By Terry Hoknes of

CHRONOS COMMANDOS #1 (Titan Comics, 2013) Small print run small publisher instant sell out of issues #1 and #2. Both issues have sold as high as $12.00 each on ebay – numerous high sales – unique comic ties dinosaurs and nazi’s into an action storyline. Sales print run so small that neither issue even charted on the monthly Diamond Top 300.

Market Watch ‘Trinity of Sin: Pandora’

By Terry Hoknes of

TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA (DC, 2013) 1st printings of both issues #1 and #2 sold out immediately in the summer x-over tie-in with Justice League America. #1 print run at 35,106 ranked #67 for July 2013. However the Justice League #22 issue sold 110,000 copies so a definite shortage for those who wanted to read both. Trinity #2 had a print run of 32,170 which was almost the same showing how much orders had been increased as sales for #2 issues usually cuts in 1/2.
Trinity #1 1st printings have had numerous sales above $10 with $12.00 so far the highest price reached. Many sales of #2 at $5.00 each.

Market watch ‘Steam Wars’

By Terry Hoknes of

STEAM WARS (ANTARCTIC PRESS, 2013) #1 had a very small print run of only 2,399 copies and came out in April so it has 5 months to definitely sell out and heat up. 4 sales so far all at $14.99 each for #1 have helped dry up the entire market and now copies on ebay are priced at $25 to $30.00 each. #2 has an even smaller print run. #3 comes out next week! A steampunk version of Star Wars !! By Fred Perry (Gold Digger). A not so long ago, in a galaxy relatively close by began an epic struggle on a world seized in the grip of an evil Victorian empire, the Hegemonic Crux. Only a ragged alliance of rebels oppose the emperor and his black guard, but hope is fading. While fleeing from the steam-driven war machines of her imperial pursuers, Duchess Imoen stumbles across the home of the last Dragoon: the legendary storm foil warriors of ancient lore! This new (but strangely familiar) steam-fantasy epic will give thrills that haven’t been felt since 1977!

A look ahead at next Wednesday

While next week will be clearly about getting one thing at your local comic shop for its collect-ability, and potential profit, DC’s 3-d Villain month covers, make sure not to miss out on these potential sleepers. Continue reading “A look ahead at next Wednesday”

‘Outliers’ Creator Erik T. Johnson answers questions for

I have been working hard to get print run information about Outliers #1, last weeks smash sell out indy book. It flew off the shelves everywhere. Erik was kind enough to answer a few of my questions. So without further ado, a few words From Erik T. Johnson the creator of Outliers. 

Continue reading “‘Outliers’ Creator Erik T. Johnson answers questions for”

Image Comics ‘Reality Check’ #1 out next week already sold out


Another new Image book is coming out next week, titled ‘Reality Check’, and it is already sold out at the distributor level as of Monday. Continue reading “Image Comics ‘Reality Check’ #1 out next week already sold out”

‘Voice in the Dark’ interview with creator Larime Taylor

KCover voice in the dark

So the talk in the comment section has focused a lot on Kickstarter projects being the breeding ground for hot new comics. I ran a piece on one that was picked up by Top Cow / Minotaur (Publisher of ‘Think Tank’) that will be released this November called ‘Voice in the Dark.’ I got a chance to interview the amazing creator tonight and find out a lot more about this book. (Also big thanks to those who ordered his Kickstarter addition in the past 24 hours, you guys are the greatest!) Continue reading “‘Voice in the Dark’ interview with creator Larime Taylor”

Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition

There has been a bunch of talk in our comment section about Kickstarter books. Especially after the success of Wild Blue Yonder, Watson and Holmes, and now Outliers. Here is one that is being released Top Cow in November. Continue reading “Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition”

Comic books picks of the week for delivery 8/28/13

Each week hundreds of new books come out, and each week we sort through them to tell you what we like, what we think may have some heat behind it, or what already has some heat behind it. Continue reading “Comic books picks of the week for delivery 8/28/13”

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