SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for April 2nd 2014 Release Week

Article by comic book historian Terry Hoknes of –
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This column is here to help promote brand new comic book series.
This weekly article shows how popular the titles are and how close they are to selling out at Diamond.
This will give retailers and collectors a heads up with a reminder of books you want to make sure you get immediately!! Continue reading “SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for April 2nd 2014 Release Week”

Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 4/2/14

Yeah! New comics. I spent the day digging through long boxes at a couple shops. Looking forward to digging into new comics tomorrow.
each week hundreds of new comics are released. Each week, we pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here is this weeks, for delivery 4/2/14. Continue reading “Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 4/2/14”

More Guardians of the Galaxy Spec: Korath the Pursuer

Thanks to Ernie D. over at the Google+ comic book speculation and investment community for this one.
With almost everything Guardians of the Galaxy heating up, the focus has been honed to a microscopic level on characters who will be in the movie. One character that will be in the movie, which has not gotten much attention is Korath the Pursuer. Continue reading “More Guardians of the Galaxy Spec: Korath the Pursuer”

CinemaCon 2014: Fox offers first look at Mark Millar's 'Secret Service'

It is no secret that Mark Millar is focused on movies, Marvel’s and his own. He has been essentially releasing comics to be made into movies. He has had some success with ‘Wanted’, ‘Kick Ass’, and ‘Kick Ass 2’. Next up seems to be ‘Secret Service’. Fox previewed first looks of the Secret Service movie at Cinema Con 2014. Continue reading “CinemaCon 2014: Fox offers first look at Mark Millar's 'Secret Service'”


From our friend Dakoit over at Make sure to check out his blog for more back issue spec.
With recent discussions on message boards of the white-hot desirability of new Amazing Spider-Man variants by J.Scott Campbell and Image variants (Bunker, Zero) by relative newcomer Fransciso Francavilla, I just had to do a post discussing another artist who is a great personal favorite of mine, and who I feel has also seen re-emergence of late whilst flying under the proverbial radar. Recently providing gorgeous variants of his own, including high profile titles such as Fantastic Four, Guardians of The Galaxy, Dejah Toris and too many others to list, it is surprising that Mr. Art Adams has not come up in the same conversations as among the hottest cover artists today. Although Mr.Adams has been drawing comics for almost 30 years, his pages and covers never looked better. Each visually stunning and contemporary, the line-work intricately executed and more sharper than ever before. Mr. Adams really does seem to get better with age. Continue reading “THE DAKOIT SPECULATOR PICK: LONGSHOT (LIMITED SERIES) #1 !!!”

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list for 3/31/14

The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list is an excellent source for spec-ing. It shows the books retailers are going back to reorder. This could be reprints of a popular sold out issue, a second issue to a hot new series, and new upcoming series people are talking about, or being chatted up on blogs and message boards. What ever the reason, these are the books store are going back and getting more copies of. Here is the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list for 3/31/14 Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list for 3/31/14”

New number 1's for delivery 4/2/14

Not a huge amount of new books coming out this week. So I am combining the small press new books with the big two. Here is a list of the new series / one shots coming out this week.
Continue reading “New number 1's for delivery 4/2/14” article gives credence to "The Hunters" in Walking Dead

A great article ran showing the potential for the Hunters to be on The Walking Dead TV show. Continue reading “ article gives credence to "The Hunters" in Walking Dead”

More Gotham TV Show Speculation

We did some spec on the Gotham Tv show featuring Gordan and Bullock, and pointed out some books worth looking into here. Well have some more book spec based on info from our friend Dakoit at Continue reading “More Gotham TV Show Speculation”

Deadly Class #3 Sold out before delivery

Rick Remender has been on fire lately. He has two hit series with Image right now set to blow up. Of course we know about Black Science. But have you been reading Deadly Class?
Continue reading “Deadly Class #3 Sold out before delivery”

The Rock tweets clue to playing a "badass" DC character

Dwayne Johnson ✔ @TheRock
Myself & DC have agreed on a character.. extremely complex, well known (but never played) and a pure BAD ASS MF;) #RockTalk .@ThomasEspin Continue reading “The Rock tweets clue to playing a "badass" DC character”

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