Poyo’s May Previews Indie and Small Publisher Spotlight

Every month, we get small glimpses of what books are on their way to store shelves.

April Previews – Indie Outlook and Spotlight New Titles

We love independent and small press books here at CHU. It allows the writers and artists the freedom to create. Some of the best stuff comes from the individual creators.

Upcoming Indie Books Spotlight from March Previews

Indie books are great. They’re great to read and it allows the creators to really express themselves as both writer and artist.

July 2019 Previews Spotlight for Upcoming DC Comics

In the past we always tend to focus on the Killer B books for these upcoming DC books. I figured it’s time we expand into all of DC’s forthcoming titles and covers.

2018 Year In Review – Part II

Let’s continue that trip down memory lane for 2018, the middle of last year, covering the months from May through August.

September 2018 Review

Last month we saw a pretty solid month for August 2018. I think September was even better for the speculative market. It doesn’t get any better when we saw Batman’s junk for the first time ever, which was probably the highlight of the month

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