Hoknes Comics Hot New Comics for Release 12/10/14

Each week, Terry Hoknes of www.hoknescomics.com, releases a video spotlighting the weeks hot new comics,
Here is this weeks for delivery 12/10/14:
Continue reading “Hoknes Comics Hot New Comics for Release 12/10/14”

Comics picks of the week for delivery 12/10/14

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some of the comics live up to their potential more than others. We pcik the ones we think have the best shot of heating up. Continue reading “Comics picks of the week for delivery 12/10/14”

SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for December 10 2014

Article by comic book historian Terry Hoknes of www.HoknesComics.com – hoknes@hotmail.com
This article is immensely useful in determining what retailers have under ordered and what is going to sell out fast.
This column is here to help promote every new comic book series debuting this week.
Pictured are the 3 new series that are selling out the fastest at Diamond ! Continue reading “SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for December 10 2014”

Adventure Time #33: A comic heating up

Lot’s of sales on this one after it was reported that Adventure Time #33 contained a preview for Over the Garden Wall, copies started flying off the shelf. Continue reading “Adventure Time #33: A comic heating up”

Comicxposure variants contest winners

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the ComicXposure.com Variant give away. Trying to continue the giveaways between now and Christmas, as everyone loves free comics. Here are the winners. Continue reading “Comicxposure variants contest winners”

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List for 12/7/14

The Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list is a great speculator tool. It gives a snap shot of what comics shops are going back and getting more copies of before the books are released. These books could be new series, second issues of new series, reprints of recent hot books, or a hot story line. What ever the reason, these are the books retailers want. Here is the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List for 12/7/14: Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List for 12/7/14”

TFAW Top 20 new comics for 12/7/14

What makes these the hottest comics? Besides being best sellers, these are also typically the ones our customers are talking about. Check them out to see what all the buzz is about!
I usually run the list once a week just to show what is selling well on-line. Granted, this is just one retailer, but you can bet that other stores are experiencing the same thing. Continue reading “TFAW Top 20 new comics for 12/7/14”

Krysten Ritter cast as Jessica Jones in Marvel Netflix show

Actress Krysten Ritter, from ‘Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 is said to have been cast in the title role in the Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones. Continue reading “Krysten Ritter cast as Jessica Jones in Marvel Netflix show”

KGBeast and Doomsday to potentially appear in Batman Vs. Superman

Comics Alliance reported the Batman villain The KGBeast will appear in the Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Movie. Continue reading “KGBeast and Doomsday to potentially appear in Batman Vs. Superman”

ComicXposure.com Variant give away

I love the guys at Comicxposure.com. They put out the rad NYCC Enormous #4 Variants. They put out the awesome Amazing Spiderman #9 variants (we gave those away too.) And they have some really cool variants coming out. Check out the ones we are giving away. Continue reading “ComicXposure.com Variant give away”

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